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0The Nakba Dailies

During the weeks of January 23 and February 6, Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel will explore the crime and consequences of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, from 1948 to the present day. We will feature, first, the videotaped testimonies of Palestinian refugees who were driven from their homes, villages and urban neighborhoods in 1948-49, in what Palestinians call the “Nakba,” the “Catastrophe,” in part 1 of a film titled, “The Nakba Dailies.” This will be followed by a report from the Alternative Information Center (AIC) in Jerusalem, a joint Israeli-Palestinian project, documenting the ongoing destruction of Bedouin villages and the confiscation of their lands inside Israel in the Negev desert. The Prawer Report, released last September by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, calls for the relocation of 30,000 of Israel’s Bedouin citizens from their ancestral lands to special “townships” in the Negev, to more easily facilitate the immoral redistribution of their lands to Jewish settlers and communities. Finally, in a film called “Portrait of a Grape Farmer,” also produced by AIC, we will travel to the West Bank to hear the story of Ali Suleiman Daoud, a school teacher turned farmer, who describes the daily struggle to survive under military occupation as a Palestinian and farmer, as his livelihood and his lands come under attack from soldiers and settlers. Our show ends with an update on the recent destruction by Israeli soldiers with a bulldozer of the Palestinian Bedouin village of Beit Arabiya, in the West Bank, on the night of January 23, 2012. 100 men, women and children were left homeless.

Special thanks to Danny Weiss, our dedicated and creative technical producer; Bill Coil, co-producer and distributor; and Jamie Brooks, VTJP webmaster.