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0"I remember all those places and faces I use to know" by Fredrik Andersson Pianist/Composer

Keyboards and Music by Fredrik Andersson Conceptional Project Initialized Music All Rights Reserved We hope for our leaders to make fine decisions which is not always an easy thing to do: Benjamin Netanyahu,Mahmoud Abbas,Bashar Assad,Ali Abdullah Saleh,Alexander Lukashenko,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,Hu Jintau,Hugo Chavez,Bill Clinton,Barack Obama,Laura Bush,Michelle Obama,Kofi Annan,Condoleezza Rice,Aung San Suu Kyi,George W Bush,Hillary Clinton,Dmitry Medvedev,Vladimir Putin,Ban Ki Moon,Fredrik Reinfeldt,CNN,BBC,Carl Bildt. By the way,worldpeace is not a bad idea…it may sound a bit romantic, but don`t we all have dreams and hopes?Through freedom and democracy we can one day reach that specific task together,side by side,respecting one and another.We can travel to parts of the world,which is now more or less closed due to some undefined reasons.We can build schools,provide food for the ones that are starving,make people rise and shine, help people to get an education and exchange knowledge in different fields like the global enviromental issues that now is everybodys concern, to only name a few. I truly wish that day to be tomorrow. Peaceful greetings and so forth… /Fredrik Andersson Composer/Pianist