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0Tripoli fighting as Syria conflict continues spread

Fighting has been raging on the streets of Tripoli, as pro-Assad Alawites have clashed with anti-Assad Sunnis. Reports put at least one dead and 10 wounded, as violence continues to spread from the Syrian conflict. These latest incidents come in the aftermath of last week’s massive car bomb in Beirut, which killed seven and injured around eighty. The attack was said to be an assassination on General Wissam al-Hassan, an intelligence official said to have pro-opposition affiliations to Syria. Gunfire in Tripoli could be heard from across as gunmen from rival neighbourhoods fired rocket-propelled grenades at each other. As reports of similar fighting are reported in Beirut and other Lebanese towns, ruptures from Syria are putting Lebanon’s fragile political balance at risk. Soldiers in Tripoli and Beirut are now patrolling the streets to try to restore order to the beleaguered city, as the government acts to stop further spread.