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0Report: Mossad Steps Up Security for London Olympic Games after Terrorist Attack in Bulgaria

Defense officials here in Jerusalem are denying a British report that the Mossad has increased security in London following the recent terrorist attack in Bulgaria that left 5 Israelis dead. Quoting unnamed sources in Tel Aviv, The Sunday Times says Israel has put more undercover intelligence agents on the ground before the Olympic Games open out of fear that Hezbollah and Iran may carry out another attack, this time on Israeli athletes… Is the suicide bus bombing in Bulgaria a prelude to a much bigger terrorist attack in London…that’s the question Israeli officials are now asking… Finding the answer grew more urgent over the weekend when evidence led Israeli officials to conclude a second Hezbollah-affiliated terrorist helped the suicide bus bomber. It’s believed he fled Bulgaria with significant amounts of explosives. Could London be his next stop? According to The Sunday Times, the 2nd terrorist is using a US passport with the name David Jefferson. The British paper says the Mossad is already scouting for him in London… Newly-dispatched undercover agents are reportedly also looking for other suspected Iranian-backed terrorists, intent on foiling any nefarious plans…some have even been sent to survey Iranian embassies in other European capitals. Israeli Defense Ministry Official Maj-Gen. Amos Gilad dismissed the British report, saying intelligence services do not operate by dispatching agents to quote “chase down ghosts.” He said there was no concrete threat