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0Jewish Reaction to Burgas Airport Suicide Bombing in Bulgaria: Belgium Jewish Community Reacts

Seven people including 5 Israeli tourists were killed last Wednesday in the bombing of an Israeli tourist bus at the airport of Burgas in Eastern Bulgaria. This attack is said to have been carried out by a male suicide bomber who also injured more than 30 people. The bodies of the Israeli victims, four men and a pregnant woman, were flown to Tel Aviv on Thursday night and the funerals have already been held. The Belgian Jewish community is stunned by this attack which, to a certain extent, a few days before the 2012 London Olympics, reminds people of Munich 1972 when 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination for Israelis. But it is said that last January Israel asked Bulgaria to strengthen security measures for Israeli tourists travelling by bus after a suspicious package was discovered in a bus with Israelis, going from Turkey to Bulgaria. The bombing last Wednesday demonstrates safety precautions are not always sufficient to fight against terrorism. In Belgium, the Jewish community fears other attacks of this kind will be carried out in the future. Several attempted attacks on Israeli targets recently ocurred in India, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Kenya and Cyprus. According to Israeli officials, last Wednesday’s bombing beared a resemblance to these attempts. Iran and Hezbollah are fingered for the bombing in Bulgaria by a part of the Jewish community in Brussels and across Europe. Israel blames