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0Peres, Lapid Can't Touch Netanyahu on Facebook: Israeli Politicians Jealous of Social Media Likes

Many politicians in Israel, like elsewhere around the world, have turned to social media and Facebook in particular, in order to vocalize themselves and deliver messages to their public. And at times, a virtual rivalry can actually develop between the politicians, when noting who has more followers, who receives more Facebook “likes” on their posts, their pictures and their comments. This week the Israeli politicians found themselves defending their social media status in this online sphere. While Israeli President Shimon Peres has 70000 “likes” on his Facebook page, Yair Lapid, who has only recently joined politics and formed his own party, has gained about 50000 “likes” on his page in a matter of a few months. Whereas the head of the labor party Shelly Yacimovich, has solely 20000 “likes”. But the most “liked” Israeli politician on Facebook, is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ,whose Facebook account has trumped them all with about 277000 ‘likes’ on his personal page. However, the Labor party’s online staff rushed to “call his bluff” and point out that in reality, most of Netanyahu’s followers were people from abroad, and not necessarily Israelis at all. Netanyahu, who has recently received much criticism from middle-class Israelis in regards to his economic policies, is indeed leading the online media race. Nevertheless, if it is accurate that most of his fans are not Israeli, this will not impact the amount of votes in the ballots. Because in order to elect a