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0Wine Festival at Israel Museum's Sculpture Garden: Wines from Golan Heights, Shilo Wineries

We’re here in the beautiful Sculpture Garden of Jerusalem’s Israel Museum where Israel ‘s largest wine festival has just kicked off. Every summer thousands of visitors come to sip celebrated Israeli wines and find out about the up and coming labels. We’re going to start our tour of the festival at the Golan Heights Winery. About 6 months ago, the Israeli winemaker beat out over 3500 winemakers from more than 30 countries to take home the top prize at one of Italy ‘s most important wine competition. Let’s go over there and see what the hype is all about… The Golan Heights Winery was the first Israeli winemaker to take the top prize at the Gran Vinitaly Special, what is known in Europe as the “Wine World.” With 105 wine experts and journalists sitting on the jury, it was no small feat to win… Located in Katzrin on the Golan Heights, the winery produces nearly 400000 cases of wine a year, under the labels Yarden, Gamla and and Golan… If you drink Israeli wine, chances are you’ve tried one of the Golan Heights wines — almost 40% of Israeli wine exported abroad comes from their vineyards…. The festival showcased over two dozen winemakers…most of them are kosher…they poured, swished and offered up their best bottles for Israelis of all ages, secular and religious… Dalton’s Alma Shiraz is just another example of an Israeli wine that has wowed international experts. They’ve taken notice that Israel ‘s young wine industry can now keep up with and sometimes beat the