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0Mike Tyson Hits Broadway with 'Undisputed Truth': Iconic Boxer Resonates with New York, Brooklyn

An iconic former heavyweight boxer is appearing on Broadway. ‘Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth’ is a one-man show that chronicles the fighter’s tumultuous struggles both in and out of the boxing ring. Directed by Spike Lee, the nearly two-hour show chronicles Tyson’s life from childhood and early boxing career. Tyson says this might not be his only foray into acting and that he would like to take more challenging roles in the future. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson “I have a lot of things I would like to do. Do my own Broadway shows as well, me and my wife, she does the writing. We already have plans to do our own shows, besides. We could do Mike Tyson Life as a Broadway play but I wouldn’t want to do that. I’d like to do other fighters lives, other people’s lives.” Director Spike Lee is famous for chronicling the New York City borough of Brooklyn and he says that no character is more synonymous with the area than Mike Tyson Director Spike Lee: “You can’t get more Brooklyn than Mike Tyson. And if you remember the film, ‘Do the Right Thing,’ the great Robin Harris had many references to Mike. And the side of Sal’s Famous Pizzeria we painted a mural, Brooklyn’s Finest: Mike Tyson, so this is history. This is history.” Tyson’s last professional boxing win was in 2003, the same year that he filed for bankruptcy. Tyson has since spent much of this time to his collection of 350 pigeons and staging public training sessions in Las Vegas casinos.