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0IDF Strikes Terrorists Driving Armored Vehicles into Israel after Attack Killing 16 Egypt Soldiers

Israeli leaders are praising the vigilance, quick response and courage of the soldiers who thwarted a large-scale terrorist attack from the Sinai desert. By air and land, the soldiers chased down and killed a group of Islamic terrorists who had brazenly breached the border in an armored vehicle. A number of the dead militants were wearing explosive belts, leading officials here to believe their plan was to kill Israeli civilians in a string of suicide bombings. This official Israeli army video shows that a strike from the air force finally stopped the terrorists as they sped down a highway…a couple of the militants who survived the hit were killed by ground soldiers… Israel was the second act in this terrorist plot…the first target was an Egyptian border station in Sinai. Officials in Cairo say more than 30 Islamic militants opened fire on Egyptian troops as they broke the Ramadan fast, killing at least 16. Spilling Israeli blood was the terrorist’s next goal…but a general intelligence warning had put Israeli soldiers on high alert and they were prepared and in place to deal with the infiltrators… Visiting the scene, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the attack showed Israel can only rely on itself when it comes to its security…calls from Jerusalem to Cairo to root out Islamic extremists in the Sinai and tighten security have largely fallen on deaf ears… Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he hoped the attack would serve as a wake up call for