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0Glasses for Haredi Men to Blur Vision, Obscure Women: Tel Aviv Reacts to Un-Orthodox Gimmick

In the ultra-orthodox world, men are meant to stay away from female immodesty, and reserve their focus and attention solely to their wives. According to AP, a new start-up company appears to have taken this concept one step further by marketing unique glasses that actually blur vision, therefore allowing Haredi men to walk around freely and not feel exposed to women baring skin. Seeing as the ultra-orthodox community is a part of the general Israeli population, we asked the public in Tel Aviv what they thought of this new gimmick. So while many people aspire to have x-ray vision, some men appear to be seeking the opposite. The glasses will reportedly cost a few dollars a pair and will only obscure vision from a few meters away. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.