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0BBC Chose Israeli Technology for Live Footage at Olympic Games: 'LiveU' Technology from Israel

Millions of people around the world are watching the Olympic Games in London. Many of them probably don’t know that it is an Israeli company and an Israeli technology that the big broadcasters are using to beam live footage of the games. Those very personal and emotional moments with athletes on the field, perhaps just 30 seconds after winning a competition, talking to their families, coaches, visitors in the stands — these are all images possible now because of a technology developed here at a company outside of Tel Aviv called LiveU. This compact portable device is leaving satellite news trucks and dishes in the dust…it’s delivering live HD quality video with much more flexibility and much less expense than traditional methods… Founded in 2006, LIVEU employs over 150 people here in Israel and in the US. LIVEU provides a new kind of flexibility and freedom for news reporters who no longer have to depend on a satellite truck…the whole system fits in this packpack which is worn by the camera man… LIVEU is considerably cheaper than buying and maintaining satellite news trucks…the system costs between 1000 to 2500 dollars a month, depending on the package… All the top-tier broadcasters are using LiveU today, just 6 years after this Israeli-start up began… The American broadcaster NBC was the first, but now ABC, CBS, Fox News, CNN, AP and Reuters are all clients… LIVEU units have been used to cover major news events like the Arab Spring, Japan’s 2011