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0Jewish Groups Remember 'Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee' at Gravesite in Moscow's Donskoy Cemetery

Representatives from a number of Russian Jewish organisations have gathered in the Donskoy cemetery in Moscow to commemorate the twelve members of the Jewish anti-fascist committee who were executed in August 1952 at the direct order of Joseph Stalin. The Jewish anti-fascist committee was founded in 1942 with the aim of enlisting Yiddish speaking Jews to support the Red Army against the Nazis. The movement spread to the US where American Jews with Albert Einstein at the helm pushed the US government to support the Soviet struggle against Hitler. Members of the committee, among them poets, writers and actors, were sentenced to death by Stalin after being accused of spying. At the ceremony in Moscow Yiddish teacher Anna Sorokina read Itsik Fefer’s poem I am a Jew to commemorate the murders.