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0Jewish National Fund Marks 110 Years: Chairman Efi Stenzler Thanks European Jewish Union

One of the world’s oldest Jewish organizations — the Jewish National Fund — is celebrating its one hundred and tenth anniversary this year and congratulations have been flowing in from Jewish communities across the globe. The Jewish National Fund dates back to the turn of the 20th century, when it was established at the Fifth Zionist Congress in Switzerland in 1901. The Fund was originally intended to support the Jewish settlement of the Holy Land. Over the past century the Jewish National Fund has become an enduring symbol of ties between Israel and the global Jewish diaspora, relying as it does o private contributions from within the international Jewish community to finance its many initiatives. Acknowledging the Jewish National Fund’s latest milestone, the Fund’s World Chairman Efi Stenzler thanked Jewish organizations across the globe for their continued support. Responding to congratulations from the European Jewish Union, Mr. Stenzler thanked European Jewish Union President Igor Kolomoiskiy and in turn offered his own positive appraisal of the establishment of the EJU in 2011, commenting: “I congratulate Mr. Kolomoiskiy for his support of Israel and look forward to working together to create ever stronger ties between the state of Israel and Europe’s Jewish communities.” Jewish National Fund and European Jewish Union leaders are now expected to expand their cooperation with a high-level meeting in Israel this autumn.