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0'Pro Deutschland' Protests Against Muslim Salafists in Berlin: Sunni Islam, Sharia Law Incite

The latest in a series of anti-Muslim protests staged by the nationalist party Pro Deutschland have taken place outside several mosques in the German capital of Berlin. Shouting and brandishing placards with the slogan “Hasta la vista Salafista”, around 50 members of the far-right group gathered in areas thought to be the main meeting points of the radical Salafist movement, Millatu Ibrahim Salafist, which has been banned in Germany since June of this year. Pro NRW members also brandished a caricature of the prophet Mohammed whose original appearance in Denmark sparked violent reactions across the Arab World. In Islam it is considered blasphemy to try to depict the prophet, but a Danish court ruled that suppressing the images constituted a violation of artistic freedom. Manfred Rouhs, head of Pro Deutschland “We are not trying to ridicule, we will bring forward arguments. But we are facing a situation, where we have to start the debate, which wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t come up with a series of demonstrations in west Germany in April and May. The political institutions only react when there is some attention.” The radical Islamic organisation has been accused of plotting against the state, with German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich calling them a threat to constitutional order as they allegedly reject national legislation in favour of Sharia law. There are around 4000 Salafists in Germany who espouse an ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam. Police were