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0Fierce Debate over Israeli Strike on Iran Nuclear Program: Trade Dimona for Qom Facility?

Fierce public debate over how to handle Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program is taking place nearly every day here in Israel. Almost everyone is weighing in on the issue from very prominent former military and intelligence officials to those currently serving in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government. One thing has become clear —the majority of insiders who are talking on and off the record are coming out against a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran. Netanyahu and his defense minister, Ehud Barak, face a lot of opposition. One of their critics is Prof. Uzi Even, a prominent nuclear scientist. He spent many years working at Israel’s alleged nuclear facility in Dimona. He’s proposing a new and some say radical solution to the stand off… Shut down Dimona in exchange for the closure of Qom, Iran’s suspected nuclear facility — that’s the quid-pro-quo Prof. Even is proposing… The Israeli government maintains a policy of “nuclear ambiguity,” neither admitting nor denying it has atomic weapons…but according to foreign reports Dimona allegedly houses Israel’s stockpile of an estimated 200 nuclear warheads… Israel is not a signatory to the International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel’s alleged nuclear capability serves as a powerful deterrent to regional enemies…Prof. Even says closing Dimona wouldn’t change that… There are no indications that Israeli leaders would ever consider Prof. Even’s proposal…given what the West believes is Iran’s penchant for