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0Toilet Demonstration at Adelaide Beach, Australia: Protestors Demand Public Toilets

Anyone braving the wintery weather to take a walk on Adelaide Beach in Australia over the weekend would have been in for quite a sight, as protesters posed for an unusual demonstration photo shoot about the lack of public toilets in the area. The protesters are demanding local authorities install in new public facilities and invest more in the upkeep of those already available, which they say are too far from the beach and sometimes in an unsanitary condition. Local shops and cafes have complained that beach-goers are often forced to use their toilets, which disturbs paying customers. Kym Hewitt, local café owner “The public toilets are not up to scratch at all and quiet often we have a lot of people coming through to the cafe sort of not really dressed for the cafe.” But the protest took a turn for the artistic, when local painter and photographer, Andrew Baines, found an aesthetic way to further the cause. Andrew Baines, artistic “I think this is the job of an artist to take these issues to the wider community and let people talk about it.” Baines added that photos of the protest will serve as models for a larger painting which will be exhibited early next year. It has been reported that the local council has heard the call of the protesters and is currently holding consultations to decide where the new facilities should be built.