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0Venice Film Festival to Show Egypt's 'Winter of Discontent' about Tahrir Square, Revolution

The Winter of Discontent, a film centered on last year’s political upheaval in Egypt is set to premiere at this year’s Venice film festival. The movie is set against the backdrop of political activism and protests in Tahrir Square, which led to the overthrow of the autocratic Mubarek government. While for one of the film’s stars, the regime change in Egypt was welcome, an uncertain future remains. Actor/producer Amr Waked: “It was humiliating to humanity to exist under such conditions and I had reached this stage where, you know, people asked me because I travel a lot, I worked all over the world and most people tell me ‘you’re educated, cultured - how can you take Mubarak for so long?’ And that’s when you go like this and you look at the floor and I don’t have anything to tell them. And that was embarrassing and humiliating and that is no more. How can I take the Muslim Brothers? Well 51 per cent chose the Muslim Brothers, 49 didn’t and i have a feeling that whoever wins in the future will always be like that.” The events of spring 2011 have also led to mixed emotions for the film’s director. Director Ibrahim El Batout: “I’ve been frustrated and depressed for the last six months because of what’s happened in policy - the Muslim Brothers coming, mixing religion with politics, which is crap for me. It will never work. It doesn’t work. But at least we’re starting to understand what democracy is about. I never voted in my entire life, I’m 49. Never ever voted in my life and