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0Frankfurt's New Jewish Mayor Pushes Social Reform: Peter Feldmann, German Social Democrat Party

When in the spring of 2012 Peter Feldmann ran for Mayor of Frankfurt, as a candidate of the center-left Social Democrat Party, he ran on a platform that advocated social reform, democracy and citizen participation. Now as the mayor of Frankfurt, and through public forums, Peter Feldmann is encouraging the organized participation of citizens in government, and seeking to make government more accountable and responsive. Since taking office on July 1st Mayor Feldmann already has held two public forums. The first introduced a dialogue about the social responsibility of the financial system in today’s society; while the second examined the state of public housing in Frankfurt today and discussed policy changes that would offer more affordable public housing over the next decade. Peter Feldmann was considered as a true democrat and social reformer long before he became Mayor of Frankfurt. In 2007, as a Frankfurt city councilor, he set up the “Caucus of Jewish Social Democrats” a new Jewish group within Germany’s centre-left Social Democratic Party. It was the first such organization within a major German party since the Nazi takeover in 1933. Through public forums, where he meets the citizens of Frankfurt face-to-face, Mayor Peter Feldmann is helping to develop political participation and to promote active citizenship. Wilson Ruiz, Jewish News One, Frankfurt.