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0David Broza Concert Ends Jewish Culture Week in Frankfurt, Germany: Israeli Singer's Hebrew Music

The grand finale of the Jewish Cultural Week in Frankfurt is a live concert with David Broza, an Israeli singer who travels the world singing in English, Hebrew and Spanish. With his flamenco-tinged, folk-rock melodies, his keen talent for breathing musical life into sensual snippets of poetry, David Broza has many loyal fans in Germany and around the world who like to see him in the middle of the stage with his passion for music and a longing for peace. Nearly 35 years after ‘Yihye Tov’ - ‘Things will be Better’ - launched his singing career, David Broza has not slowed down his pursuit of peace, poetry and music. An activist who is committed to several humanitarian causes, David Broza was appointed a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. His song “Together” - co-written with Ramsey McLean - was the theme song for the UNICEF 50th anniversary celebration in more than 148 countries. Wilson Ruiz, Jewish News One, Germany.