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0Israel Highlights Persecution of Jewish Refugees: 850k Fled Arab States, Danny Ayalon to Press UN

They’re often called the “forgotten refugees” — a group of more than 850000 Jews who were kicked out of the Arab world or fled from state-sponsored persecution after the State of Israel was founded… It’s what some historian’s call the Arab world’s “double war” on the Jewish state. one was fought on the battleground, the other at home against the nearly one million Jews who had lived for hundreds of years in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Tunisai, Yemen, Morroco and Algeria. The plight of these Arab Jewish refugees never made world headlines for very long — that’s because nearly 70% of them went to Israel where they were integrated. But their expulsion from Arab countries was filled with abuse and violence — most left wealthy communities with no more than a suitcase in their hand. The Arab governments are estimated to have seized between what would be today the equivalent of $5-$10 billion dollars of assets from the Arab Jewish refugees. At this first ever conference called “Justice for Jewish Refugees from Arab countries,” the Israeli government and the World Jewish Congress are demanding recognition of the crimes committed and compensation… Prime Minister Netanyahu is championing the cause more than any of his predecessors…he recorded a message for the conference… Levana Zamir, who was born in Cairo, came to the conference to tell her harrowing story. She was 10 years old on May 16th, 1948, the day the state of Israel was declared. That evening, 10 Egyptian police