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0Analyst: Al-Shariah Jihad Militia behind Libya Consulate Attack and US Ambassador's Murder

The murder of four senior American diplomats in Benghazi, including their Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, may have been a pre-planned operation. Independent international analysts believe a Jihad militia may have taken advantage of the chaos outside the US consulate and committed the strike. Emile Hokayem of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS): “It looks as though as this was a pre-planned attack, that was pretty opportunistic. Ansar al-Shariah, which is a shadowy Jihadi outfit that is very anti-American, anti-Western, just took advantage of a demonstration outside the consulate that was protesting the movie that slandered the prophet Muhammad, to mount its attack. But the firepower deployed, the number of fighters on the ground, the sophistication of the attack, really point to a pre-planned operation.” The US attorney general has also now confirmed that the FBI has opened an investigation into the four deaths, raising further questions about the deadly attack outside the US consulate. Emile Hokayem of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS): “Will it have lasting impact? I mean, looking at previous crises - the burning of the Quran and the impact on Afghanistan and Pakistan and other places, the Danish cartoons before etcetera - I would say that, if well managed, perhaps the worst can be avoided. And I think it will be avoided.” An amateur video which depicted the Muslim Prophet Mohammad has led to wild protests and riots throughout the