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0Frankfurt Awards Adorno Prize to Anti-Israel Philosopher: Protests of Judith Butler's Adorno Prize

With the slogan “Judith Butler renounce the Adorno Prize,” Jewish and non-Jewish protesters claim that the fundamental issue behind their protest is the anti-Semitism displayed by the city of Frankfurt when granting the 50.000 euro Adorno Prize to Jewish-American philosopher Judith Butler. The Central Council of Jews in Germany has strongly criticized the awarding of the Adorno Prize to Judith Butler because, they say, she is acting against Israel by supporting the boycott, divestment and international sanctions campaign against Israel, and that although Judith Butler has disassociated herself from Hamas and Hezbollah’s violence, she has stress the importance of understanding them as social movements that are progressive and part of the global left. The City of Frankfurt claims that with Judith Butler one of the most significant thinkers of our times in the field of moral philosophy is honored. Does the Adorno Prize jury know that at the same time they honor a major protagonist of an academic and cultural boycott of Israel? In remembrance of Theodor Adorno, a Frankfurt philosopher and art critic, this award serves to acknowledge outstanding performances in the fields of music, theatre, film and philosophy as in the case of Judith Butler. Judith Butler has reacted to the criticisms of Anti-Semitism by saying: “The accusations against me that I support Hamas and Hezbollah are not true, that I support the boycott, divestment and international sanctions campaign against