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0Libya Consulate Attack Planned for 9/11 Anniversary: US Responds as Protests Sweep Libya, Yemen

Protests are continuing throughout the middle east denouncing an American-made anti-Islamic film. Here in Washington the government is battling on two fronts, trying to stem the flood of violence directed towards America, while also dealing with a war of words that’s broken out over its diplomatic handling of the situation. With the third attack on an American diplomatic building, this time in Yemen, anti-America sentiment is building and spreading through the Middle East. Protests are continuing, the situation escalating. The latest breach of an American building came with the storming of the embassy in Yemen, the day after the US ambassador to Libya was killed. In Egypt, several hundred people have been injured in protests - with further protests reported in Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia. In Washington, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the violence - but condemned the film which has sparked the protests. As the anti-American protests continue, actors who took part in the movie have come out saying they were duped by the film-maker - who now appears to be a Coptic Christian rather than an Israeli Jew. The actors say they had no idea it was anti-Muslim movie. The US Government now feel that the attack in Libya in which Ambassador Stevens and three others died was a planned and coordinated attack, timed for the 11th anniversary of September 11th, possibly by al-Qaeda or another fundamentalist group. The question now, was this a US intelligence failure - with