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0Four Americans Die in US Consulate Attack in Libya: US Ambassador J Christopher Stevens Killed

Four Americans including a US ambassador have been killed following an attack on the American consulate in Libya. There’s been swift and strong condemnation here in Washington. But the killings have raised questions about security in the Middle East and the possibility of a new Islamist threat. As the flames in Libya begin to subside the fires of international political dispute are raging. The killing of a US ambassador, the first for more than 20 years, has sparked outrage. Ambassador J Christopher Stevens was one of four Americans killed when armed men stormed the US consulate in Benghazi in protest of a US-produced anti-Islamic film. Condemnation of the attack has been widespread. President Obama said those behind the killings must be found. An anti-terrorism team of US Marines are now being sent to Libya. Presidential challenger Mitt Romney has also spoken out. But his speech has come under criticism for trying to score political points by politicizing the deaths. The movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ was made by film-maker who calls himself Sam Bacile and who claims to be an America-Israeli. But that claim, even his real identity, are yet to be verified. The Obama administration meanwhile are working hard to distance themselves from the film, to make it clear these are not the views of the US Government. And the Jewish community in Washington DC have spoken out about the attack. The US says its friendship with Libya will not be a casualty of this attack. But America’s