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0Israel Nature & Wildlife Tour - Day 9

Day 9 Drive north along the Arava Valley and stop at Timna Park, a geological wonderland north of Eilat. The park contains amazing natural phenomena: King Solomon’s Pillars, the “Mushroom,” and “Arches.” See fascinating remnants of primitive cultures at the “Chariots” rock carvings, the Shrine of Hathor, and ancient copper furnaces. Enjoy the imaginative new multimedia presentation, “Mines of Time.” Explore King Solomon’s Mines where, over six millennia ago, copper mining first began. Continue north to Hai-Bar Yotvata Wildlife Preserve. The mission of Hai-Bar Yotvata is to establish reproductive groups of wild animals that are mentioned in the Bible but have disappeared from our landscape, as well as to foster other endangered desert species. The reserve is dotted with acacia trees and other plants and includes a variety of desert habitats such as a salt marsh and sand dunes. Continue north to the Tel Aviv area. Overnight: in the Tel Aviv area. For additional itinerary suggestions, please see: www.goisrael.com