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0Celebrating Arts & Craft in Jerusalem

For two weeks every August, Sultan’s Pool, the valley beneath the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, thrums with the full spectrum of culture. By Harvey Stein (Israel MFA) An annual event for 35 years, Jerusalem’s International Arts and Crafts Festival, taking place in Sultan’s Pool below the Old City walls, is the largest cultural event in the country, showcasing arts, crafts, music, theater and food — from Israel and all over the world. The International Pavilion boasts arts and crafts from more than 30 countries and a small stage for performances from attending countries. In the Israel section, the wares of more than 150 artists and craftspeople are offered for sale. Secrets of various trades are revealed, like those on display at the annual glass blowing demonstration. There are workshops for children as well. This year’s highlight was a workshop all about bees, with a glass-encased beehive transported to the festival as an irresistible draw. Small stages and wandering performers abound throughout the festival grounds, and there’s a main stage where top Israeli performers appear over the two weeks, such as Noa, David Broza, Aviv Gefen and internationally renowned hip hop band Hadag Nahash (SnakeFish). It’s easy to see why Jerusalemites who first visited the festival as children return year after year, until they’re coming with children of their own. Download links (copy/paste to browser): Streaming: www.megaupload.com Hi Res: www.megaupload.com Script:www.megaupload.com