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0Israel's contribution to the 3D revolution

With software created by Israeli start-up 3D TV, you can watch Avatar in 3D format — and lose the glasses. By Harvey Stein (Israel MFA) Part of the reawakened 3D revolution, spurred on by the box office hit film Avatar, is taking place in Israel. Israel start-up 3DTV, located in Ra’anana north of Tel Aviv, is developing a new 3D technology. You won’t need to wear those funny glasses anymore. Owner and CEO David Ohayon explains that every scene has to be shot with two cameras, one from the perspective of each eye. 3D TV adds a layer of optics on top of the existing layer on a commercial LCD TV. This layering redirects the pixels in nine different directions. Content for 3D has to be created in a special way, and the start-up creates its own high quality content, in addition to providing the software to convert any existing video into 3D content. For now, 3D TV is showing its content at exhibitions, business centers and airports. Several commercials made by the company are on display at the Moscow Airport and the software is currently on display at the Israel Pavilion at China’s Shanghai Expo. Download links (copy/paste to browser): Streaming: www.megaupload.com Hi Res: www.megaupload.com