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0Anyone can rise to the challenge

A groundbreaking non-profit in Israel allows disabled people to join in sporting activities from sailing to waterskiing to extreme sports. Etgarim (www.etgarim.org was formed to help handicapped Israelis take part in outdoor sports and extreme sports. The non-profit organization was founded in 1995 by two Israel Defense Force veterans who became disabled during their army service. The two saw that there was no equipment, facilities or activities for people with disabilities. Today, thanks to Etgarim, more than 5000 children and 700 adults participate in strenuous activities such as running, cycling, sailing and rope sports. The founders believe that the effects of the activities carry over into all areas of the participants’ lives, building confidence and self-esteem. Adi Schneider, international resource development manager at Etgarim, says results of the experiences are translated into improved performance at school and better relationships with family and friends. Etgarim’s activities allow participants to face challenges and overcome their fears — while having a fun and exciting time. Download links (copy/paste to browser): Streaming video: www.megaupload.com Download HiRes: www.megaupload.com Script: www.megaupload.com