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0A Station on your Way

Tel Aviv’s hottest new destination is the historic refurbished Jaffa train station, which has been meticulously restored and turned into a complex of cafes, galleries and exclusive shops. Tel Aviv has an abundance of shopping areas replete with bars, cafés and restaurants, but few are surrounded by the unique space, quiet and sense of living history as is the restored railway station known as Ha’tahana (the station in English). The meticulous restoration and development process began in the year 2000, and the Tahana is now a thriving complex of 22 buildings that includes cafés and restaurants, designer clothing and jewelry shops, art galleries, exhibition spaces and more. The main train station building was constructed in 1892, as part of the first railway line in Israel that connected Jaffa and Jerusalem. The train trip between the two cities that takes under an hour by car today, took four hours at the time. Find out more in our video story about the fascinating history of the train station; home to paragons of the German Templar community in Israel, their building materials factory; and a British army base and bar. Still planned are areas for children’s activities, music and live shows. Download links (copy/paste to browser): Streaming: www.megaupload.com/?d=NH8N9WNX Hi Res: www.megaupload.com/?d=4D9585TZ