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0Haifa high-schoolers dig Israel's past

In the biggest community dig of its kind in Israel, high-school students in Haifa learn about archeology both in and out of the classroom. Dr. Shay Bar is convinced that it simply isn’t true that kids these days aren’t interested in hard work or learning. Bar, from the Archeology Department at the University of Haifa, is director of the Tel Esur excavations in the northern Sharon Valley on Israel’s coastal plain. Tel Esur is a Canaanite settlement dating back to the Bronze Age, being excavated by archeologists from the University of Haifa with the help of 15-year-old students from four high schools in the region, and other volunteers from all walks of life. So far, the remains of a fortified tower and possibly a gateway and a wall dating back to 1800 BCE have been discovered. After working with the hundreds of high-school volunteers helping to excavate the past in one of Israel’s largest community digs, Bar has this to say: “The children were really great and they worked really hard and they wanted to learn… we discovered that it’s a good generation…”