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0The Road to Jewish Civilization, Part 4: Vicissitudes of the Ancient City.

Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey, the birthplace of the Jewish People and the spiritual center of three religions, presents a unique combination of ancient history and a vibrant modern society, exotic scenery and rich culture. This 12-episode documentary series, produced by CCTV - Chinese Central Television in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Beijing, introduces the Jewish People and the story of the State of Israel and its development in a historical, comprehensive and systematic manner to Chinese audiences. The series is narrated in Chinese with English subtitles Episode 4: Vicissitudes of the Ancient City. Jerusalem, an ancient city with a history of up to 5000 years, bears the marks of many nations and religions. In the first century, Christianity emerged here, and Jerusalem subsequently became the Holy Land of this emerging religion. Later, the ancient city became one of the holy lands of Islam. Christians and Moslems added new cultural connotations to this ancient city. The ups and downs over thousands of years have buried numerous secrets under the city. Today, Jerusalem, full of legends and dense cultural connotations, is a magnet for archeologists. The dense debates triggered by archeological excavations have not affected the archeologists’ endless enthusiasm to explore the secrets of this ancient city. What have people found? How are today’s modern constructors treating these ancient relics?