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0The Road to Jewish Civilization, Part 11: Colorful Evenings

Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey, the birthplace of the Jewish People and the spiritual center of three religions, presents a unique combination of ancient history and a vibrant modern society, exotic scenery and rich culture. This 12-episode documentary series, produced by CCTV - Chinese Central Television in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Beijing, introduces the Jewish People and the story of the State of Israel and its development in a historical, comprehensive and systematic manner to Chinese audiences. The series is narrated in Chinese with English subtitles Haifa and Acre, two ancient port cities in Israel, are still two shining pearls on the east bank of the Mediterranean. Today’s Israel is full of music and songs every evening. It is said that Israel is one of the countries holding the most concerts in the world. The Jewish nation loves music, and has never given up this love even in the cruel years of wars, separation and massacre. The Jews may enjoy music everywhere. Besides theaters, streets, alleys and even flea markets may become musical venues at any time in the evening. On one such colorful evening, several excellent artists and innovative musicians describe their pursuits.