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0Rescuing the Mediterranean's sea turtles

A small paid staff and a revolving crew of volunteers work hard to heal sick and injured turtles and send them back to nature. The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue Center (www.seaturtle.org) rehabilitates about 50 injured sea turtles every year. Mostly because of accidents caused by humans, they have typically lost limbs or suffered head injuries. No other Middle East country has a full center dedicated to this task, and even worldwide there are very few. But these ancient amphibians are fighting extinction across the globe. That’s why it’s critical to save as many as possible and put them back into their natural habitat. The center puts a lot of emphasis on educating the public, especially children. The hope is that teaching them to change behaviors that endanger turtles, such as dumping trash into the sea, will trickle up to their parents. DOWNLOADS Videos: Streaming: www.megaupload.com Streaming NoVoice: www.megaupload.com HiRes: www.megaupload.com HIRes NoVoice: www.megaupload.com Docs: Script: www.megaupload.com INTRO: www.megaupload.com When using these videos, please credit the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs