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0Akko - Crusader City Comes Alive

Israel’s northern city of Acre, housing archeological treasures from two distinct time periods, is undergoing a renaissance. Recent archeological excavations paved the way for a host of new sightseeing wonders in the Old City of Acco (Acre) on the northern Mediterranean coast of Israel. Acco’s heyday was in the 13th century, as revealed by a dig under the 18th century Ottoman city that uncovered huge rooms of a dense Crusader town. Two areas have been completely excavated: The refectory, a large arched dining hall; and the Knight’s Hall, a series of rooms that may have been a hospital. Ottoman Sultan Ahmad Al-Jazzar, or “Ahmad the Butcher,” decided in the late 18th century to build on top of the Crusader City. Among the buildings of that era that remain are his Citadel, which infamously housed many prisoners over the next two centuries. Plans are afoot to develop the sites of Acre’s Old City, including a restaurant at the Refectory, a new museum and a new luxury hotel. Downloads: Video: Streaming No Narration - www.megaupload.com Streaming With Narration - www.megaupload.com Hi Res No Narration - www.megaupload.com Hi Res With Narration - www.megaupload.com Docs: Intro: www.megaupload.com Script - www.megaupload.com Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of these videos.