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0The lowest mountain bike race on earth

For the 17th year, cyclists from around the world came to Israel’s Dead Sea for a two-day festival and competition. Only a short distance from the Dead Sea, an international mountain-bike race attracted more than 1500 riders during a two-day festival of running, cycling and family fun. Mariod Athanasiadis took first place in the 17th annual Veolia Desert Challenge (www.desertchallenge.co.il/mainpage-6-33) from December 2-3, 2011. Also known as the Race for Peace, it is the lowest mountain bike race on earth. Its founder, Nimrod Cohen, hopes one day to make half of the competition in neighboring Jordan. “It was fun. You have to have skills, to pass fast through the canyon,” she says. Some riders come back year after year. Follow our social media channels: Facebook - www.facebook.com/israelMFA Twitter - www.twitter.com/Israel www.twitter.com/Israelmfa Please credit the MFA for any use of this video, thanks!