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0Uri visit Israel

Uri Rozenthal - Minister of Foreign Affairs visits Israel. The Dutch government wants expansion of relations with Israel while the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu constantly proves to have paint to basic principles of international law, as well as American and European calls to finally get serious peace negotiations with the Palestinians to begin. The Netherlands supports the way that Israel 45 years ago has taken. As long as Israel keeps all in violation of all international law the Palestinian territories in a rock solid grip, oppressed the Palestinians with military hard hand, promotes emigration of its own population into the occupied territories including East Jerusalem. Israel’s occupation kills Israeli democracy, morally and spiritually. Criticism of Netanyahu comes from the Israeli security of Israel. It is incomprehensible why responsible Dutch parties VVD and CDA have no eye for the Israeli society initiatives that are aimed at serious talks with the Palestinians and halting the construction in the settlements. A majority of Dutch people want the occupation is ended and that the European Union puts pressure on Israel to terminate the settlements. So Rutte, Verhagen and Rozenthal, freeze relations with Israel and boycott all products from illegal Jewish settlements.