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0Mitt Romney Losing Red States As Pres Obama Boogaloo Down South To Victory Mepac For Obama.wmv

Mitt Romney is losing voters in the South, because he just doesn’t fit - he’s too rich, stiff, out of touch, his Tea Party association, Paul Ryan VP pick, his rich pals [Koch Bros., Casino Billionaire, Sheldon Adelson,etc. involvement in this election, and he can’t “boogaloo”. Hell, even George W. Bush could cut a rug, if pushed. Romney, can’t even do the polka. All jokes aside, Mitt omney is losing in Red States, because he is a “Bad Choice” for the South and America. Due to factors, that have little to do with him as a candidate of choice, he might keep most of the red states, red, but President Obama will “Boogaloo” on his head in Dixie, and give him a run for his money, siphoning off red votes {Republican]. There is only two reasons why President Obama won’t turn more of the red states blue: 1) Dracoian, outdated voting system, that have been deliberately kept in place to keep Red States red, 2) Red States are more than 50% rural. Let me explain: I live a small town in a ‘Red State’. When I go to vote, I have to tell the poll worker that I am a Democrat, needing a democratic ballot. Because everybody knows everybody in small towns, the poll folks know who I am - sometimes they don’t even ask which ballot I want.- they just and me a Democratic ballot. They already know I am not a Republican, and ain’t about to switch over. Now, take a white republican who wants to switch over and vote for President Obama this time, because they think Romney is bad for the South and