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0Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Experience Is Swiss Banking Libya Criticism Shaky Grounds Mepac Obama.wmv

Mitt Romney has no foreign policy experience - NONE - NADA - ZILCH - ZERO, and he has the ‘balls’ to criticize President Obama on foreign policy. Where did he get those big “nuts”? I want to purchase some of those, so I can ram them in his lying mouth! Although, he is wearing his stinky, dirty “Magic Underwear”, he is still on “Shaky Grounds” for criticizing President Obama, with the feeble hope of making political hay. While America was grieving the loss of US lives in Libya, Mitt Romney went on television, wearing his, supposedly, “Magic Underwear”, criticizing the President, when he doesn’t have a lick of expertise in Middle Eastern Affairs. He barely knows how to say, “Arab Springs”, yet offered his lame comments, thereof! Again, this guy is desperate, and he has some big balls - ‘ta-boot’! And, let’s not forget - he is despicable! The only foreign policy experience Mitt Romney has, consists of being bought by Los Vegas Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson, to the tune of one hundred million dollars [$ - Adelson, who builds casinos in foreign lands, to avoid US income taxes. Mitt Romney also has experience hiding his money in foreign banks to avoid paying his fair share of income taxes. Here’s Mitt Romney’s other shady foreign policy experience: 1) Swiss Banking [ US tax avoidance] 2) Caribbean Island banking [US tax havens/avoidance[] 3) Cayman Island Banking [Tax-Cheating] 4) Hiding money all over the world, to avoid paying his fair share of US income taxes We