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0Jan Peerce Sings "The Bluebird of Happiness."

Yes, I know, I know:-) But I still get requests for this song, which was Jan Peerce’s best known recording. It actually topped the hit parade in the early 40’s, 1941 I believe it was, and it was the title he gave to his autobiography. The fans of his operatic and cantorial work often roll their eyes, but this song, corny as it admittedly is, with its fractured English (“so be like I…”) its heavily rolled “r”s, and its melodramatic recitation, is best seen against the background of Yiddish theater and vaudeville. Much the same could be said of Sophie Tucker’s “Yiddishe Mama.” A friend of mine, an Orthodox rabbi, used to tear his hair every time he heard it. He hated it, but it was one of Sophie Tucker’s most popular recordings, and is played even today. Both of these records recall another era, in which such sentimental songs were not only accepted, but loved. Remember Molly Goldberg’s extremely popular radio program? All in the same fach.