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0Money and Media Manipulation of American Politics

Behind the pro-Israel slant of US foreign policy and a domestic policy that promotes “diversity” is money power and media control. Three of the most important players in American political life are George Soros, Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson. They disagree about tactics and methods, but these super-wealthy Jewish activists — and many others like them — are united in promoting the interests of Israel and the organized Jewish community. In a democratic republic, we’re told, informed and involved citizens make laws and policies that express the people’s ideals and interests. In fact, the great majority of Americans are not well informed, and are only marginally involved in the political process. Laws and policies are made by politicians chosen by a public that is systematically misled, cajoled, flattered, deceived and manipulated. Well-funded manipulation of the nation’s mass media, and cultural and educational life, is decisive in determining the basic policies and direction of American life, above all by molding the “accepted” social-ideological premises on which policies and laws are based. Source: The Mark Weber Report. reasonradionetwork.com