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Do The Math Sheldon Adelson paid Ten Million To buy Mitt and Paulie a job The average contribution to Obama’s campaign Is 53 Washingtons (that’s dollars) Divide 10 Million by 53 Dollars And you can’t deny, cuz it’s plain to see Citizens United has made Sheldon A Worth 190000 of you and me Now, good ol’ Sheldon’s not a gambling man Casino owners know the House always wins If 10 Mill aint sufficient to buy the election Shel’s pledged to raise the ante times ten Divide 100 Million by 53 Dollars And, argue if you want, but it’s plain to see To answer the lies one tycoon can buy Takes 1.9 Million of you and me Three days after Ryan became veep candidate He paid ol’ buddy Shelley a visit On the 36th floor of Shel’s Venetian Hotel Pauly met with the high rollers - No press allowed. Dave and Charlie Koch make it harder to track The extent of their Barack Attack Just set up a nonprofit and you need not disclose The donors to your SuperPac One person, one vote is a bit of a joke When the information’s skewed By ultimately Billions spent to ensure killing Any chance of ever hearing the Truth (c)2012 Patty Morris www.EveryDayChanteuse.com Opinions herein are my own, and are intended as fair commentary on a matter of public interest.