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0The Groggers - "Mindy" [Official Video]

A love song for 2012 State Senate hopeful Mindy Meyer. Directed by Yoni Oscherowitz Music and Lyrics by LE Doug Staiman Filmed at Press Play Studios - Los Angeles For lyrics, music, booking or further information on The Groggers, visit ‪www.thegroggers.com up our album “There’s No “I” in Cherem” out now! CD Baby: ‪www.cdbaby.com ISRAEL: ‪galpazmusic.com iTunes: ‪itunes.apple.com Facebook - ‪www.facebook.com Twitter - ‪twitter.com Lyrics I knew from the moment I saw you dressed in pink With your big brown eyes And your inability to think That you’re the kind of girl I’ve seen in my dreams You’re not afraid You’re exactly what this country needs You make my world spin round’ You make my heart sing loud Mindy Mindy Mindy Mindy Won’t you come around? And I know you’re gonna face rejection But you’ll always win in my election Mindy Mindy Mindy Mindy I’ve got a plan… I’m gonna be your first man I know they talk about you And I don’t care They say you’re a laughingstock That you’re not self aware But I think they’re all wrong So ignore the things they say I’d still let you give me A stop and frisk any day I wanna hold you close When the rain begins to pour We can get matching spray tans Like we’re on the Jersey Shore We’ll reign over Brooklyn You’ll be king and I’ll be queen And I’ll even help you sound out the big words In your people magazine