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0LARGEST Falafel in the World!

A luxury hotel in Amman smashed the Guinness World Record for the largest falafel on Saturday. The record-breaking falafel weighed in at 74.75kg, beating the previous record of 23.95kg. It was made using 80kg of chickpeas, 5kg of onions, 2kg of fresh parsley and coriander, 1.2kg of garlic, and was deep fried in 350 litres of vegetable oil. An official from Guinness World Records, Annabel Lawady, was present as the falafel was cooked, and officially announced the success of the attempt. [Annabel Lawady, Official from Guinness World Records]: (female, English) “I am happy to announce that the weight of the falafel today is 74.75 kg, this is a new Guinness World Record.” The previous record was established last year at the Santa Clarita Valley Jewish Food and Cultural Festival in California. The falafel was served to 600 people during “iftar”, the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during Ramadan.