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0Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's First Islamic President

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: www.youtube.com Egypt’s historic free election has come to a controversial end appointing its first Islamic president Mohammed Morsi. Morsi takes the role as president 16 months after Hosni Mubarak was ousted from his 30-year-term by protesters. Facebook: www.facebook.com Webpage: www.nma.tv Twitter @nmatv: twitter.com Tumblr: nmatv.tumblr.com Mohammed Morsi, a member of one of the largest Islamist movements, the Muslim Brotherhood, has a long road ahead of him. His election into office did very little to unite a country divided by supports of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s secularist youth movement. Unifying the country is not the only challenge Morsi faces, he must also deal with the powerful Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). SCAF was the leading force behind the country’s Democratic transition and may not give up their powers as easily as Morsi would like. Just a few weeks before the election SCAF made the controversial move to dissolve the lower house government. Mohammed Morsi will also have to work hard to ensure plans on keeping the peace with Israel. Although Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty, Israel still worries the election will reopen old wounds and cause a relapse in hostility. In his first speech, Morsi made it a point to tell the world (including Israel) that he plans to maintain peace Do you think Morsi can keep Egypt-Israel relations at peace?