On His 125th Birthday, Solomon Yudovin’s Art Instructs On The Importance Of Jewish Identity

American Jews, even Hasidim, have lost their connection to the East European Jewish folk art tradition.

Klezmer Singer Daniel Kahn’s Unique Celebration Of Engagement To Dancer Eva Lapsker

Kahn, whose video of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in Yiddish has attracted over 685,000 hits, met his bride-to-be at a Jewish museum in Berlin

Banning Carlebach Melodies Would Be Self-Defeating

It’s like pledging never to buy German products; as a Jew, why shouldn’t I enjoy my German-made dishwasher?


WATCH: The Barry Sisters, America’s Most Famous Yiddish Singers, Perform Live

Hear the acclaimed duo perform their hit “Well, Tell Me When” with an unexpected musical interlude

Recalling The Unsavory Characters Of Jewish History, From ‘Prophets’ To Murderers

The study of Jewish history had two goals: To create an objective picture of the Jewish past and to defend the Jewish people from anti-Semitic libels.

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