WATCH: Schav (Sorrel Soup) and Matzah Meal Pancakes

atch Rukhl and Eve prepare this eastern European delicacy; so refreshing on a warm summer’s day and packed with Vitamin C to boot!

‘Tevye Served Raw’ Captures Sholem Aleichem’s Genius In Two Languages

Only a small number of writers possess, like Sholem Aleichem, the necessary breadth to create both hilarious and bitterly tragic moments.

How Claude Lanzmann Created Post-War European Jewish Identity

Lanzmann fashioned, as only a true Existentialist could, a series of negative images that together create a positive concept of Jewish survival.

WATCH: The REAL Gefilte Fish

The gefilte fish you’ve been eating is nothing but a glorified fish patty. Watch how Jews really made it - by stuffing the carp.

All-Yiddish ‘Fiddler’ Captures How Jews Really Spoke To Each Other

This was not just a play where the characters spoke Yiddish to each other; it was steeped in Yiddishkeit, the traditional Jewish way of life.

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