Our paymeter has launched and you may have questions. Here are some of the more frequently asked ones!

Why should I pay to look at Forward.com? One of the most important things readers tell us they value about the Forward is our reporting. We’re dedicated to thoughtful, thorough, in-depth journalism and storytelling. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to maintain the standards that our readers value. A nominal charge to access our website is one way we can continue to provide the trusted, fact-based news you expect from the Forward. You’re not actually paying to look at the website. By subscribing, you’re supporting the Forward’s mission and our journalism.

How is my subscription changing? What do I get now? You’ll still get the Forward by mail. But your print subscription now includes a bonus. As a loyal subscriber, you get full access to the Forward.com website. All you need to do is register at Forward.com/register. Once you register online, your Forward.com subscription will be activated automatically. You may not even notice any changes to the website because you will have full access.

I’m not currently a subscriber. How can I subscribe? Subscribing is quick and easy. A Forward subscription is now all-access: It includes the print edition, unlimited access to the Forward.com website from any device, and access to the tablet edition. Click here for subscription options.

What if I don’t want to subscribe — can I still read Forward.com for free? As a non-subscriber, you can enjoy a limited-time offer of up to 10 free articles every 30 days on Forward.com. Once you have reached your limit of free articles, you have the option of selecting a subscription, which gives you unlimited access to our content anytime, anywhere — or come back the next month for another set of free articles.

Can I get a digital subscription to Forward.com or do I also need a print subscription? Every subscription includes unlimited access to Forward.com as well as the printed and tablet editions of Forward. However, you can opt out of receiving the print edition if you’d like. Click here for rates and information.

What is the difference between Forward.com and the tablet edition of the Forward? Forward.com provides you with access to stories, videos, photo galleries and more by our award-winning team of journalists — news and features that are updated daily from the US, Israel, and the world — available from any computer or web-enabled device.

The tablet edition is a page-by-page replica of the printed edition — including all stories, sections, photos and ads — in PDF form. The tablet edition also translates into other languages and allows you to magnify for easier reading and share articles with friends. Through the tablet edition, you get access to back issues all the way to 2009.

Can I get access on my smartphone or tablet? What devices are supported? Our Forward.com website is mobile optimized and can be read easily from any web-enabled mobile device or smartphone.

Can I still access Forward.com articles through Facebook, Twitter, Google or my blog? Yes, Forward.com articles are still accessible through Facebook, Twitter, Google and blogs.

How can I keep track of how many articles I have read each month? Messages will appear on your screen with reminders about how many free articles you have read and how to subscribe so that you get unlimited access.

I’m not currently a subscriber. What kind of content counts toward my monthly limit? Visits to the Forward.com home page and other select content will be available free of charge. Full articles, opinion pieces, Fast Forward, photo galleries, and other features all count toward the monthly limit of free articles.

Can I access my Forward subscription on more than one computer, smartphone or tablet? Yes, once you have a Forward subscription, your email address will be your username and you will select a password. You can use your login from any computer or mobile device.

Do you offer a trial subscription? Our introductory offer is $1 for the first month of an all-access subscription. After the first month, your credit card will be charged monthly or once a year, depending on the option you choose, unless you cancel, which you can do anytime.