Amos Oz: Israel’s Melancholy Visionary

In a 1966 interview in the Yiddish literary journal “Di Goldene Keyt,” the Sabra writer acknowledged Yiddish as a heritage language of Israel.

In 1974, Amos Oz Wasn’t World-Famous — But He Was Already A Political Rebel

Amos Oz belongs to that young Israeli generation who have discarded much old-timey Zionist romantic sentimentality.

Can We Save Our Lives By Not Going To Shul?

During the drill, I found myself thinking whether it might not be better to just stay home and read the New York Times.

After WWII, Her Stories Gave New Life To A Shattered Jewish World

Yenta Mash’s writing poignantly reflects the lives of Jews forced to move to Siberia during World War II.

WATCH: Zero Mostel Sings A Yiddish Classic

What did Mostel perform for a mainstream TV audience long before American popular culture embraced multiculturalism? A Yiddish song.

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