How Chabad Was Born In Smolensk

The Russian city of Smolensk is located in a region that has historically been contested between Russia and Lithuania.

How Jews In The 1940s Honored The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising — And How We Honor It Now

A Holocaust survivor remembers the first Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial service; how children of survivors in New York will mark the occasion

WATCH: On Warsaw Ghetto Uprising’s 75th Anniversary, Remember Heroes With ‘Hymn Of The Partisans’

It was sung in concentration camps, in forests before battles, in hiding spots amidst the rubble of bombed-out cities.


Why Was Historian Who Blames Jews For Complicity with Nazis Considered For Humanitarian Prize?

A behind-the-scenes look at the Polish-Jewish committee that almost bestowed this honor

At Millennial Women’s Conference, The Forverts Finds A New Audience

Surprisingly, this was the first time that OWN IT had organized a panel by and for Jewish women.

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