Swedish Music Videos Teach Children Yiddish

Thanks to Yiddish’s status as an official minority language in Sweden, the Scandinavian nation finances many initiatives to encourage its use.

Uriel Weinreich’s 50th Yahrzeit Honored With Special Issue Of Linguistics Journal

The special issue of the Journal of Jewish languages explores the impact of the pioneering sociolinguist’s work.

VIDEO: Avrom Karpinovitch, Writer, Remembers Jewish Criminals In Vilna

Among Karpinovitch’s most memorable characters is Tall Tamara, the Jewish streetwalker who refused the Nazis‘ command to undress.

Grigory Kanovich’s Remarkable Love Song For a Lithuanian Shtetl

“Shtetl Love Song” belongs to the genre of homespun shtetl literature, which began with Mendele Mocher Sforim’s autobiography, “Shloyme Ben Khayems.”

Watch: How To Make Doughnuts, Latkes And Drinks (In Yiddish!)

Get your Hanukkah party started by watching this Yiddish video.

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