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The Agony Of The COVID-19 Obituarist

Writing obituaries for the victims of COVID-19 served as a kind of therapy for the bereaved, but it also tore open old wounds.The post [The agony…

Michael Cohen taken back into custody for violating terms of release

Cohen was supposed to remain in his home, yet the New York Post last week published a photo of him eating at an Upper East Side restaurant.

Meet Mark Shepard, the Jewish college student who talked Stephen Jackson off the ledge of anti-Semitism

Mark Shepard went toe to toe with Stephen Jackson on anti-Semitism

‘I understand the hurt’ Stephen Jackson tells Rabbi David Wolpe

Stephen Jackson speaks with Rabbi David Wolpe about anti-semitism


Beinart to Jews: It’s the democracy, stupid

Reality will force American Jews to reckon with Peter Beinart’s idea of a one-state solution

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