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In Brooklyn virus ‘red zone,’ why do some posters tell only healthy people to get tested?

“Do you feel like you’re healthy and strong and don’t have the virus? Very good! Make sure the government knows that as well!”

In a Paris courtroom, Islamic terror—and France— is on trial

In a Paris courtroom, Islamic terror—and France— is on trial

Abraham Grossman, 95, Fled Germany As A Boy But Returned As A Soldier Bearing Jewish Insignia

Grossman fought the Nazis in the British army’s Jewish Brigade and downed an Egyptian plane months during Israel’s War of Independence.The post […

Plan to name former right-wing politician to head Yad Vashem enrages Holocaust survivors

Opponents decry candidate Effi Eitam, as a ‘lightning rod’ for ‘haters of Israel, unsuited to sensitive post at Holocaust authority

FAHRENHEIT 411: “Loxism” is not the belief in lox

One Twitter post described “loxism” as “the reason why Jews planned” perceived social ills like a “low birth rate” for white couples.

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