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After new bail reform, New York is scrambling to get enough ankle monitors

“The system is not yet equipped to move entirely away from” the old cash bail set up, Melinda Katz, Queens District Attorney, said.

Your guide to the World Zionist Congress elections, the most important vote you’ve never heard of

There will be 500 delegates making decisions about the fate of $5 billion at the World Zionist Congress, which happens in October in Jerusalem.

500 Rabbis And Jewish Leaders Call For Action Against Climate Change

From across the denominational spectrum as well as the secular, they signed on to a letter calling for a number of actions.

Fake study program for Israelis in Michigan allegedly defrauded U.S. of $40 million

A Jewish college in Michigan allegedly created a fake study abroad program for Israelis to pocket federal financial aid money.

Anti-Vaxxers hijack Orthodox group’s logo to fight HPV vaccination bill

“If your seventh-grade [child] won’t get the HPV shot to prevent her from getting an STD, she will not be allowed to have a Bais Yaakov education.”

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