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In advance of the inauguration, Jewish parents and schools are on edge

After riots filled with Holocaust references and violence, DC’s Jews aren’t sure what the inauguration will bring.

Cantor’s children’s book offers healing in the wake of Pittsburgh massacre

“As cantors, whose role it is to guide the diverse spectrum of our community, we know education is crucial to long-term change,” Stoehr said.

No refrigerators left: L.A.’s COVID-19 spike swamps Jewish mortuaries

On one recent Saturday night, mortuary director Moe Goldsman got his first call at 10 p.m., his second at 12:30 a.m., and his third at 1:45 a.m. He worked through the night and went to sleep at dawn.


Enough for a minyan: A Jewish Who’s Who of Biden’s Cabinet-to-Be

As President-elect Joe Biden announced his picks for the Cabinet, the joke went around on Jewish Twitter that the West Wing would have a minyan.


Senior Israeli cabinet minister ‘optimistic’ about warm relations with Biden administration

Netanyahu confidant Tzahi Hanegbi welcomes a Biden administration

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