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East Ramapo is racially segregated. Its school board campaigns are, too.

“We cannot, God forbid, allow the other side to win.”

East Ramapo trial offers fraught question: Should Hasidic Jews be considered ‘white’?

“The last thing anyone at the NAACP wants is to have the perception that this is about anti-Jewish animus of any kind.”

In East Ramapo trial, trying to untangle race and policy in school board elections

“It’s the policy part, but it’s also the racial element.”

If an algorithm thinks Hasidic Jews are black, is it wrong? Day 3 of East Ramapo trial

“I’ve already lost you,” the judge said.

On a sunny day in Tel Aviv, startup nation’s tech workers unfazed by data debacle

“It’s common knowledge generally in Israel that your data gets leaked all the time. Your data is out there, it’s happening.”

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