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Does An International School Operating In NYC Have A ‘No Israelis’ Policy?

American University of Beirut is technically based in New York and thus must comply with anti-discrimination laws, a lawsuit claims.

Soros Controls Large Parts Of State Department, Says Fox Guest

“Invoking Soros as controlling the State Dept, FBI, and Ukraine is trafficking in some of the worst anti-Semitic tropes.”

Pope Francis Denounces Anti-Semitism: ‘The Jewish People Are Our Brothers’

“The Jewish people are our brothers, and they should not be persecuted,” the pope said.

An Orthodox Jew Is Running Against Jeremy Corbyn To Protest Anti-Semitism

Right-winger Yosef David of the Brexit Party wants to raise awareness about the Labour leader’s anti-Semitism controversy.

NYPD Investigating Anti-Semitic Egging Rampage In Brooklyn

Three incidents of eggs being thrown at Jews are being treated by the police as connected hate crimes.

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