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‘Just like politics is local, misinformation is also local.’


‘Not just about Crown Heights:’ A Zionist, an educator and an activist pay tribute to David Dinkins

Mayor Dinkins hired more police and promoted community policing. Crime went down, but intra-community tensions were not resolved. 


Sharon Gillerman, a gifted scholar of German Jewish history, dies at 60

A scholar of extraordinary subtlety and nuance, a person of exceptional warmth and sensitivity, a friend, and a mentor to a great many.

As Chicago Jews mourn the Standard Club, some refuse to say goodbye

Chicago’s Jews mourn the closing of the Standard Club

Tony Blinken: guided by a story of Holocaust rescue, and an advocate for Israel’s Iron Dome

“That’s the story that I grew up with — about what our country is and what it represents, and what it means when the U.S. is engaged and leading.”

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