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Why Don’t More Jews Like Bernie Sanders?

Some think he’s not comfortable talking about Judaism. Others say a Jewish president will make anti-Semitism worse. And what will he do about Israel?


Police Arrest Suspect In Shooting Of Elderly Man Outside Miami Synagogue

The suspect had filed a police report a day before his arrest saying a firearm had been stolen from his car.

Amazon Launches Operations In Israel

The company set up a website in Hebrew, which talks about its local delivery services, in order to attract vendors.

Trump Doubles Down: Jewish Democrats Are ‘Very Disloyal To Israel’

Some Jewish defenders of Trump had claimed he wasn’t talking about dual loyalty to Israel on Tuesday. That turned out not to be the case.

Here’s What Jewish Leaders Said About Trump And Omar’s Dual Loyalty Comments

They condemned Trump but didn’t explicitly call it “anti-Semitic” like they did with Omar. Meanwhile, Jewish Democrats in Congress did the opposite.

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