Fast Forward

Jewish Trump aide considering challenge to Ohio Republican who voted for impeachment

Gonzalez infuriated Trump for being one of 10 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives who voted last month to impeach him.


Why the anti-Putin protest movement divides Russian Jews

As Putin tightens his grip on Russian media, the courts and freedom of expression online, tens of thousands of Russian Jews are leaving.

New grout injected into Western Wall to ensure worshipers’ safety

Ahead of Passover, inspectors tend to plants, birds and natural weathering while spring cleaning the ancient stones.

After spat over support of Trump, Young Israel council replaces entire board

The council represents more than 100 Orthodox synagogues across the country.


‘Jew cookies’ are a Dutch dessert staple. They’re getting a new name — and Dutch Jews are confused.

In Dutch supermarkets, no cookie aisle is fully stocked without a national treat called jodenkoeken.

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